Life Magazine “Predicts” the Death of George Story

This post was written by Anna Clayton

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From 1883 to 1936, Life Magazine delighted its readers with stories presented with humor, as well as articles of general interest to the public. After being purchased by Henry Luce, so that he could have the rights to the magazine’s name, Life became a weekly news magazine, which focused mainly on photojournalism.

What most people might not know is the life and times of George Story. When Life Magazine was revamped and transformed into a news magazine, the very first cover featured baby George Story, born on the same time as the “new” magazine, and had the title “Life Begins”.¬†Over the years, the magazine would feature articles of Story’s life. He became a journalist, had two marriages and had children, and Life was right there to occasionally write stories of George’s life and evolution.

Unfortunately, the magazine struggled and nearly failed a number of times, and by the year 2000 it was in the red. In March, 2000 it announced its closure and, the last issue featured George Story on the cover, at 64 years of age, and it had the title “A Life Ends”. The article was about George’s life and how it was, in a way, intertwined with the life and evolution of Life Magazine.

Ironically, on April 4th, George Story passed away due to heart failure, only a month after Life announced its closure.